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Notice of a Writing Activity Themed by “My dream and China”

In this big world, all of you come to China with a beautiful dream, much curiosity and full of hope. So do you have a special story? Do you have an interesting experience with Chinese? And do you have an unforgettable memory in China? Now our school decides to carry out a writing activity themed by “my dream and China”. It is aimed to encourage foreign students to write your feelings and stories in China.
1. Topic:
My dream and China (feelings and stories in China)
2. Requirements:
A. Title is named by yourself in Chinese and the style is free. The article should be original and you must not copy from else.
B. You can write someone or something around. The article should be carried with your true feeling. Word is not limited. Besides, you can attach to some pictures related with your content.
C. In the end of the article, you need to sign your Chinese name, English name, department, category, class and contact number. Please name the title of email “my dream and China”.
3. Objects:
Students who gain the Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, JiangXi Provincial Government Scholarship and JiangXi Normal University Scholarship must hand in one paper. If you don’t hand in the paper on time, you will not get the living fees. Meanwhile, other students volunteer to participate. Actually, your performance in this activity will be an important basis for other awards and appraisal in the future.
4. Time Arrangement:
A. Deadline of hand-in: March, 31st, 2016
B. Contact: Mr LiuJianfu (both electronic and paper form)
5. Award Arrangement:
First prize: 2
Second prize: 4
Third prize: 6
Each winner will have awards and certificates.
Office of International Programs
JiangXi Normal University
March 8th, 2016

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