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The Notice of Talent Show Activity named   “Foreign Monkey Brother”

      In the middle of April, JXNU, with NanChang Agriculture Bureau and other departments, will organize a talent show activity named “Foreign Monkey Brother”. Foreign people who are born in the year of monkey(such as 1980,1992) will be invited into an ecological farm, where you can learn Chinese farm culture and experience plowing fields by hoe. Besides, as you have common in the birth year of monkey, we hope you can describe something about monkey and feelings about the beautiful countryside here. Meanwhile, for cultural communication, foreign students can also share stories about traditional farms and special food from your country.

    Number: 30 foreign people(15 boys and girls respectively) and one or two teachers

    Requirements: Priority to people who were born in the year of monkey; who are good at Chinese; who can show talents in the spot; who have no religious forbid and have a good health. You can wear your traditional ethnic clothes and must be under our control.

    Place: an ecological farm named Strange Stone Mountain in NanChang

    Time: April 16th (If it’s a heavy rain, time will be change in April 17th.)




    7:45am  Gather in your dormitory No.2 Building

    10am    Arrive at the ecological farm and take part in activities

    12am    Lunch time

    1 pm   An informal meeting, where foreign people describe farm culture from your countries, share feelings about visiting the farm and show your talents.

    3 pm    Come back school together

    Registration: You can find Mr. LiJun to register who work in Office of International    Program( Office 400, XianSu Building).  

    Deadline: 5 pm, April 13rd

                 Office of International Programs

 JiangXi Normal University

April 11th, 2016

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