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Five International Students in JXNU participating in two-day event of “Perception to China, Charm in Jiangxi”



On September 24th, five international students in our school participated in two-day event of “Perception to China, Charm in Jiangxi”, mainly hosted by the National Student Fund Committee Nanchang University. The total of 105 international students from more than 30 countries attended the event. They have now studied in 10 universities of Jiangxi province and won the Chinese government scholarship.




In Modern Ecological Agriculture Demonstration Park, the students were excited to enjoy the scene and knew about modern eco-rural development models. Then with careful descriptions of the guide, they retook the tea horse road and experienced Jiangxi silk culture.

In JiangZhong pharmaceutical factory, these international students were deeply impressed by the fully-automated production workshop. Modernized pharmaceutical production line reflected the highly integration in traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific technology. Besides, the workers showed the production processes of some daily drugs.





On that night, these group of students arrived at Jingdezhen --- the city of porcelain. The next morning, they came to the well-known enterprises--- Jiangxi ChangHe Automobile Co., Ltd., where they visited the production line orderly and test drove the new car personally. Then, the students came to China Porcelain Museum in Jingdezhen. They all praised the charm of Chinese porcelain art and were amazed at its continuation of the Millennium heritage. After visiting the museum, all students are involved in the production of ceramics. MohmmadSbeih, a student from Palestine, made a map of his country with pottery clay to express feelings of his hometown.



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