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Walking into the Villages and Experiencing in person

--- Perfect Ending of foreign students with Confucius Institute Scholarship experiencing Chinese culture

    On October 21st, under the guidance of our teachers, 41 foreign students with Confucius Institute Scholarship in our school went to JingDezhen together. In the afternoon, these students firstly visited the Jingdezhen Kiln Folklore Museum where they listened to the ancient kiln culture carefully and witnessed the ceramic production process. In Jingdezhen pottery training base, the students experienced the ceramic drawing, shaping and coloring in person. It’s a good practice for them to deepen the understanding of ceramic production and realize the wisdom of Chinese working people as well as the broad and profound Chinese porcelain culture.

    The next morning, the students set out to Wuyuan, known as "China's most beautiful villages". They visited Huangling where everyone was amazed at the beautiful rural scenery, ancient village buildings and charming terraces. Then in the afternoon, these groups of people came to the Wuyuan County Museum in which they experienced much fun from the folk life and the charm of Wuyuan as a cultural town. That night, the students watched a large-scale landscape performance ----"dream home". The wonderful performance evoked each student a big nostalgia.

    The third day, the students were brought to visit the ancient town --- Lingjiao and Hongguan.

    Overlooked in the mountain road, the villages with white walls and yellow tiles were viewed panoramically. Shuttling in the village roads, they were truly aware of the fascinating characteristics and real life of the ancient town.

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