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Dec. 31st, 2016
Notice about Winter Holiday
        To all foreign students,
Chinese traditional festival, Spring Festival, and winter holiday are coming soon after this semester. To make sure that you have a happy haliday and that your return to school in due time, please pay attention to the following notes.
       Holiday arrangements: according the school schedule, the winter holiday will strat on Jan. 1st. The time for register of next semester is February 18th. And the class will start on February 20th for the whole school. To those who have no effort to return to school within the stipulated period of time, school will discontinue and cancel their school roll.
       All students are required to take the examinations in accordance with the arrangements of relative faculties before leaving the school.
       All students, on matter leaving school or not, are required to report your vacation arrangements to Miss. Xia qianwen and Xu boxin. We recommend you to submit a note to the office before leaving the school.
       During winter holiday, the friends from the outside are not permitted to live or stay in the international students dormitory, otherwise the police will take charge of the case. The time for closing the dormitory gate is still 11 pm. It is better that you keep quite at night in case influence other people to sleep.
       Final date for the payment of tuition and dormitory fees of next semester is February 25th, 2017. To those who are not able to pay on time, we will cancel them residence permit.
       Please pay attention to your personal safety while traveling, or visiting friends or returning to your home country and take care of your passport and other valuable belongings.

       In case of emergency, please contact us or local police station. You may reach us at:


Li Haijun13576277861        Fu Zhongwei13767041325
Li Jun18679055002           Liu Jianfu15279194186
We wish you a pleasant holiday!
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