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The first “Foreign Dragon” in Jiangxi Province




On April 15, "I Want to Go to the National Games Leading to Healthy Chinese" the Thirteenth National Games mass competition project -- Jiangxi dragon dance contest, which is the provincial championship of dragon dance, inaugurating in the Gymnasium of East China Jiaotong University.  Among the more than 200 athletes in nine district teams and six college teams, the "foreign dragon" composed of 12 foreign students in our school is particularly  attractive. According to the principals of Mass Sports Department in Provincial Sports Bureau, this is  the first “foreign dragon” in the National Games under the idea of “all the people exercise” in Jiangxi province.





In order to promote national fitness and health, the thirteenth National Games add the dragon dance and other 19 mass competition projects, for which students with full-time ordinary institutions of higher education are also eligible to apply. After receiving the news, the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange immediately released it among foreign students, getting responses from dozens of students of Madagascar, Vietnam and other countries, and get the school affirmed. On April 7, we set up the first dragon team of foreign students in Jiangxi Branches of the National Games. "Dragon dance is the traditional culture of China. While the main purpose of our study is to understand the Chinese culture, I learn to dance dragon so that when returning to home, I can also teach others to better spread the Chinese culture." said Feng Zhe, the "dragon" leader from Madagascar. These students said that when hearing that they are going to participate in the competition of China's highest specifications, their families, relatives and friends are envious.




After the formation of theforeign dragonmembers of the team had class during the day and trained at night. “Besides four players with little experience, the remaining seven players are from scratch.” said Ye Zijian, junior students  from School of Sports, Jiangxi Normal University in National Sports professional, also the leader and coach of the team. Originally Ye Zijian wanted to participate in the routines selection of the provisions of the dragon dance, but because of time limitation and poor base, he had to choose the optional routine. Even so, in the rehearsal before the preliminary, the players are still a little bit nervous, their cooperation being not so tacit understanding, and the action is not very skilled. "No matter how the outcome of the trials, it is enough that the players are serious and happy." said Ye Zijian.


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