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The university currently has one national engineering research center (National Engineering Research Center for Carbohydrate Synthesis), two China Ministry of Education key laboratories (Key Laboratory of Poyang Lake Wetland and Watershed Research under the Ministry of Education, and Key Laboratory of Functional Small Organic Molecule under the Ministry of Education), 1 national university science park, 2 international S&T cooperation bases, 1 key lab under the General Administration of Sport, 1 state level S&T service platform, 6 provincial level "2011 Collaborative Innovation Centers", 3 high-level innovation platform projects for higher education institutions in Jiangxi Province, 9 provincial key labs, 3 provincial engineering research centers, 3 provincial exemplar cultivation bases of production-education-research integration, 2 provincial engineering labs, 2 provincial engineering laboratories, 11 provincial key research bases of humanities and social sciences, and 10 provincial technology centers of Software Sciences; 3 journals published by the university are included in the Core Chinese Journals.
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Situated in Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Normal University(JXNU) is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Jiangxi Provincial Government.

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School Motto: Ponder Prudently and Practice Earnestly, Be Impartial and Upright.
School Tradition: Be United and Diligent, Seek Truth and Make Innovations.