1. What preparations should be made for registration?

1)      Dormitory registration card: Please first go to the foreign students’ dormitory to complete the proper procedures and pick up a room key and front door card. Please remember your room number. For those who live off campus, please go to the local police station to complete residence registration, and pick up the temporary residence form. Please remember in detail your address and phone number.

2)      Six 2 inch (passport sized photos) photos taken on a white background.

3)      Original and photocopy of passport.

4)      JW202 form

5)      Acceptance of enrollment form

6)      Tuition: language students 12000RMB/year, 6000RMB/semester; undergraduate 12000RMB/year(liberal arts), 14000RMB/year(science), 15000RMB/year(fine arts); graduate students 14000RMB/year(liberal arts), 15000RMB/year(science), 18000RMB/year(fine arts); doctorate students 20000RMB/year. Insurance fee: 800RMB/year; residence deposit 1000RMB (Will be returned when leaving the school if it is determined that no damage has been done to the room. If some damage has been done, compensation will be deducted from the deposit. Photocopy of bank card(China Construction Bank)

7)      Photocopy of bank card(China Construction Bank)


2.Registration place: The Office of International Cooperation and Foreign Students’ Affairs, Room 5400, 4th floor of the Xiansu Building.


3.Registration time: From Monday to Friday of the first week of the semester. Office hours: 8:00-11:30, 14:00-16:00.



4. Registration procedures:

      1)Monday to Friday: Registerà register basic informationàconfirm classesàbuy course textbooksàpick up payment account formàpay fees(tuition, residence, insurance, deposit etc.) at the China Construction Bank


5. A friendly reminder:

Within two weeks of registration you must pay all your fees including tuition, residence, insurance and deposit. After making these payments, you will use the receipts for applying for the resident permit.

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