Chinese cultural experience and practical activities for the JXNU students

From November 8thto 10th, JNXU organized the cultural experience and social practice for students who granted the Confucius Institute Scholarship.The theme was"living in the Chinese countryside and understanding Chinese traditional culture".



In longhu mountain, a Taoist shrine, students visited Tianshi mansion to experience the Taoism culture. In Wuyuan, the "most beautiful village in China"the students hqd been wandering in the countryside, visited museums to contemplate Huizhou architecture and could experience local folk customs. In Huangyao a scenic spot in Jingdezhen, which is for thousand years the capital city of porcelain, students had teh opportunity to learn the ceramic production process, make ceramic crafts by themselves, and experience the craftsman's feeling .



During the activity, JNXU signed a cooperation agreement with the Hongguan village Zuyuan county in Zhejiang province and the Huangyao scenic area in Jingdezhencity. It aims at jointly building the "cultural experience and social practice base for international students", making full use of social and historical resources, enhanceing international students' understanding and recognition of Chinese culture, and last but not the least in order to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. 




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