Dear students,

        Welcome to Jiangxi Normal University! Please take the time to check into your residence. The foreign students’ dormitory is unit 2 of the Temporary Residence Building No.2. If you have already reserved a room at the residence on campus, please inform the building staff by showing your passport, letter of admission and JW202 form, and then fill out the check-in form and pick up your room key. Please keep your deposit receipt and related travel expense receipts. If your scholarship does not grant free residence, then you should pay the required residence fees (double room 5000 RMB/academic year, single room 10000 RMB/academic year).


        Please remember your room number and room phone number. In order to quickly get acquainted with the campus and surrounding environment, please take a look at the campus map(see attachment 1), by looking at the map try and find the following locations: campus Gates(main gate, back gate, side gate etc.), cafeterias, supermarkets, several on campus banks, the post office, the library, sports facilities etc. In order to quickly get accustomed to what needs to be done before classes start, please take a look at the daily schedule form.

        It is recommended that you learn a little Chinese so that you can quickly adapt to the life here on campus.


1. How much are the dormitory fees?

        Double room 5000 RMB/academic year, Single room 10000 RMB/academic year.


2. Is it possible to live alone?

    If there are extra beds, you can apply for a single room.


3. Is it possible to switch rooms?

        This is not possible, and you should adhere to the regulations set by the school (In specials cases once must apply to the Office of International Cooperation and Foreign Students Affairs).


4. Is it possible to stay in residence during the vacation?

    Yes it is. If returning to your home country, please give the room key to the dormitory staff and make sure no valuable possessions are left in the room.


5. How to pay water and electricity fees?

        Everyone is given a free 5 ton monthly water allotment. If one exceeds this amount, they must pay the remainder themselves. Electricity must be purchased at a rate of 0.62 RMB per watt.


6. How to check out of residence?

        Please let the staff know a few days in advance that you will check out. On the day of checking out, please go to the front desk ahead of time to return the room key and settle any outstanding rent, electricity and water bills.

If everything in the room is in order and no damage has been done, then the original room deposit can returned after showing proof of receipt.


7. What to do if the deposit receipt has been misplaced?

        The staff may check the payment records of the time to confirm the deposit. If the amount can be confirmed it may be returned. This can be a rather tedious process so it is best to keep your room deposit slip in safe keeping.


8. What to do if the room key has been misplaced?

    An amount of 100-300RMB will be deducted from the room deposit, depending on the particular type of key lost.


9. Can I live off campus?

    Only in special cases is this allowed. You must apply beforehand at the Office of International Cooperation and Foreign Students’ Affairs.

    A friendly reminder: Within the first 24 hours of moving off campus, please report to the local police station to fill out the necessary residence paperwork, and then provide the foreign students’ office with your new address and phone number within a week’s time.


10. If friends or relatives come to visit me, can they live with me in my dormitory room?

        This is not allowed. The foreign students’ residence policy does not allow others to stay with you in your room.


11. How do I wash clothing?

        You can buy a washing machine card that can be used in the self-service washing machine.


12. How to buy drinking water?

        You can use cash to buy water directly from the residence staff in room 302.



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