Jiangxi Normal University International Students Writing Competition --- A Letter to You Ends Perfectly

Merciless as the epidemic is, JXNU is warm to its students. In order to show the international students feeling of missing for their families, friends, teachers and classmates, and to feel the power of words more deeply, the university recently launched the writing competition of A Letter to You.

On May 25, the award ceremony of the competition was held in Weiyi Building. The teachers of the International Programs Office and the award-winning students attended the prize-giving ceremony.

Some award-winning students read their essays on the spot. RANDRIANARIVELO FITAHIANA VAHATRINIAINA(宋翊), a Malagasy student majoring in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language, who won the first prize, expressed his love and gratitude to JXNU with deep emotion: It’s my love to JXNU that includes the novelty of being a freshman, the satisfaction of Jar soup and fried rice noodles, and the ease of swinging on the Qinglan Lake. Wherever I am, I will always remember you. A thousand words cannot tell you how much I love you. “ I missed and still I am missing you, my family and friends is the endless missing of Zimbabwean student MTISI RUVIMBO SINATRA(钟卉), a business administration major, for her family and friends. I missed and still I am missing you, my family and friends. Other award-winning students also enthusiastically shared their deep thoughts for their families and friends, and sincerely expressed their gratitude for the schools care during the epidemic period, which is warm, cordial and positive.

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