Our foreign teachers and students celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival and Teachers' Day

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival coincided with Teachers' Day. Foreign teachers and students working and studying in our school experienced a rare doubled-festival celebration. In order to express our greetings and respect to the foreign teachers, the International Office presented flowers and moon cakes to the foreign teachers in the school to celebrate the festival.

On September 9th, the International Office organized foreign students from 9 countries to participate in the celebration with the theme of Honor Teachers and Kindness with a Bright Moon. After watching some videos and pictures, the students learned about the Chinese tradition on the Mid-Autumn Festival, such as having a family reunion dinner, enjoying the full moon, eating moon cakes and making five-colored lanterns , and the custom of sending blessings and flowers to pay our respects to teachers on Teachers' Day.

The students shared reunion festivals and customs of their own countries and told about the most unforgettable teachers and experiences in their growing up. At the end of the activity, the students wrote and recited their blessings and wishes to their teachers.

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