Admire the autumn scenery of Jiangxi, appreciate the scenery of the rural revitalization

In order to help foreign students feel the achievements of China's rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization, and to tell Chinese stories well, on October 30th, our university organized some outstanding foreign students from countries, like Madagascar, South Africa, Rwanda, Samoa and the United States to carry out cultural research activities in Lis family Village, Xihu Lake, Jinxian County and Luodu Village, Huangma Township, Nanchang County.

In Lis family of West Lake, the foreign students, under the guidance of volunteers from the villagers, visited Lis family Village Longxi Hall and the Museum of Farming culture, and had a direct and in-depth understanding of the traditional farming culture of China for thousands of years. Former Mayor of Nanchang City Li Douluo expressed a warm welcome to the students and had a cordial conversation with them. After the discussion, the students performed the chorus Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and interacted with the local villagers.

In Luodu Village, Huangma Township, the foreign students visited the  Luodu Village at overall perspective and the selene-enriched white lotus industrial base under the guidance of the village cadres. The students were amazed at the new look of China's modern rural areas. The clean and sanitary environment of the village and the colorful murals also left a deep impression on them.The students all took pictures as a memorial.

Foreign student Hu Ge said, The countryside in Jiangxi is very different from the countryside I imagined. Compared to my hometown in Madagascar, rural areas in Jiangxi is more modern and technological. Wu Ni, a foreign student, believed that this cultural study activity not only allowed her to feel the beautiful natural scenery of Jiangxi countryside, but also helped her to have a deeper understanding of Chinese customs and culture, and witnessed the fruitful achievements of China's rural revitalization, which benefited a lot.

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